Animal of the month

Animal of the month: Kittens

Good weather will be arriving soon and cats will begin to reproduce. You will be seeing kittens here and there.

Kittens are playful and curious. In the third week of their life, they begin to play among themselves, chasing one another around. The game begins with an ambush on one kitten followed by a chase by the other kitten. The game is also a way to socialise which is very important for the cat in relation to the other species. Indeed, it will be alone during its adult life and will play by itself with its shadow or when it sees its reflection in the mirror, for example.

If you wish to opt for a cat as your pet, you must ask yourself lots of questions about the place where you live, whether you have children, how much time you can devote to it… All these questions are important if you are going to choose your companion well.

When you choose the kitten you are going to adopt, there are many elements to check: Its eyes must be wide open and without inflammation; the nose should be moist and without mucous; the ears must be clean and not contain wax; the teeth must be visible and white and the mouth must be pink and without inflammation of the gums.

Whether it is a cat you have picked up, whether it was given to you or has a pedigree, it will become a pleasant companion to cuddle. Mischievous, curious, but also independent, you will never really know all facets of its personality.


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