Nesting boxes

The easiest way to attract different types of birds and to help protect them, is to install a nesting box. The size of the garden is not really important, all you need to do is hang the nesting box at a height of 2 or 3 metres, with the opening facing towards the south-east. The spot must offer shelter from the sun and heavy rain. The best period to install a nesting box is October to November. So that the birds, when coming back from migration, have time to discover the nest and start sleeping there as soon as possible.

All our nesting boxes are made using sturdy wood that offers adequate insulation. They are easy to hang and can be cleaned by opening the lid.

Do you want to attract a wide range of birds? Then you should hang different types of nesting boxes.

By providing enough food during the summer you will have birds in your garden throughout the year.

Nesting boxes for sparrows:
Perfect for the house sparrow, the tree sparrow and the pied flycatcher. There is a mirror built into the roof to make it easier to observe the birds.

Nesting boxes for robins:
A nesting box with a balcony, perfect for the robin and the spotted flycatcher. You can easily observe the nest thanks to the opening.

Nesting boxes for great tits
Ornamental nesting box, perfect for the great tit.

Nesting boxes for blue tits:
Nesting box designed for the blue tit. Fitted with a window on the side, so that you can observe the inhabitants easily without disturbing them.