A cat in the house: some hints and tips:

A cat in the house: some hints and tips:

After careful consideration, you have finally decided to adopt a kitten or cat. Here are a few hints and tips to help prepare for his arrival.

First and foremost, you must choose your cat wisely. Do you live in a house with a garden? Do you live in an apartment? Do you have children? Do you have any other animals? How much spare time do you have for your cat? All these questions are important for choosing your future companion.

Next, once you have found a cat that suits your life style, it is very important to correctly prepare your home for its arrival. Cats are creatures of habit, they are very territorial and protective of their own home.   You therefore need to provide four areas:
- A place to sleep
- A place to eat
- A place to do their business – litter tray
- A place to play

It is essential that the litter tray is away from the food bowl. There must be a separate area for each of your cat's activities. Also, think of placing his scratching post where he is most likely to sharpen his claws, thus avoiding claw marks on furniture, sofas, etc.
Once your house is ready to welcome your new cat, all that needs doing is to pick him up.

It is important to know that a female cat educates her kitten during the first weeks of its life; you should therefore wait at least 8 weeks before adopting a kitten to allow for it to be weaned. It will then arrive at your home fully equipped for a perfect adoption.
When bringing home your new companion, preferably opt for a travelling carrier lined with absorbent material. Travel and a change of environment can sometimes cause anxiety /stress and some wetting of the carrier may occur.
Once at home, give your cat some time to acclimatise. Let him leave the carrier by himself, which he will do once he feels ready.

At first he will be a little disorientated, and will only gradually begin to discover his new surroundings. This is an extremely important process. Always limit his first exploration to a single room so he does not feel too overwhelmed. As he seems more at ease, you can gradually allow him to explore other rooms.  Here he will place his scent markings in order to find his bearings later on. If you plan on letting him out of the house, keep him inside for around 2-3 weeks so he can accustom himself to his new surroundings first.

And last but not least: don’t forget to pet your cat, he will purr with joy!