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Vadigran - a family business based on perseverance, strong leadership, innovative ideas and a motivated team. Our company was set up in 1955 as a small producer of seed mixes for pigeons and chickens, and it has since grown to become a powerful international player in the pet sector. With an extensive and high-quality range of seed mixes for birds and rodents, as well as snacks and accessories for all household pets, we strive to satisfy the needs of both our clients and their pets.


In 2005, as a result of significant growth, we relocated our commercial and logistics department to newly built premises in Ghislenghien. Even today, we continue to grow both domestically and internationally, and we are working flat out on development plans.



... a team with a vision and a mission

Both at home and abroad, Vadigran produces and distributes food, toys, exercise equipment, furniture and care products for pets such as domestic birds, garden birds, rodents, cats, dogs and fish.

Vadigran strives to continually surpass its clients' expectations with an attractive and high-quality product range for pet shops and pet specialists, based on a strong brand, good knowledge of the market, innovative products and a finely tuned price-quality ratio.

In order to develop the best product range, Vadigran strives to see the world through the eyes of both pets and pet owners.


… YANA Pet’s favourite selection

Is a unique concept, especially designed for the retail and DIY. Yana offers a carefully selected range to its customers for dog, cat, birds, garden birds and rodents.


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