Which breed suits me best?

Which breed suits me best?

Do not rush into things and never select a dog based on “I think this one looks pretty or sweet”, or “look, this one likes us, he wants to play right away!”. Purchasing a dog should not be based on emotions, but should rather be like buying a car. A family with 5 children buys a mini-van and not a convertible.

Always ask yourself the following questions:



  • Do we want an active dog?

In other words, do we have enough time to play with him at least 2 or 3 hours a day. Active breeds, such as a German shepherd, American Stafford, Beagle, ... will only be happy if they get enough exercise.

  • Do we have enough room?

If you live in a small apartment or a home without a garden, a German shepherd is not an option. Make sure that the size of your dog fits into your available space.

  • Do we have experience with dogs?

Take into consideration that certain breeds are known for being “stubborn”. They need a strict and straightforward approach. If these dogs receive the correct nutrition, they will grow up to be the loyal friend that you are looking for. Do you have zero experience and did you fall for a “stubborn” breed? Enrol your four-legged friend at a dog training school quickly. You both still have a lot to learn!